How we work

Assisting farmers to effectively adapt to environmental and economic changes

In essence we are problem solvers. We begin by understanding what your business needs and then help you identify the agricultural and environmental science that is most relevant to your business, before working with you to ensure your business gains maximum value from that science. We have a proven track record of delivering sustainable problems, by bridging gaps in knowledge, coordinating resources and collaboration with thought leaders.


  • Clarity of vision around productivity and environmental problems, before then developing a way forward.
  • Identifies and applies science and technology to deliver profitability and sustainabiity across the ecosystem.
  • Develops relationships and networks that improve business performance and information flow.
  • Finds solutions to productivity challenges by applying strategies to increase profitability and sustainability.




  • Water catchment management.
  • One Health multi-displinary solutions.
  • Optimising ecosystem health to ensure safe food from sources you can trust.
  • Investment in Otakaro Pathways to utilise novel science based solutions to improve health and wellbeing within the human health and agricultural sectors.
  • Risk assessment for Johne’s Disease in dairy and deer sectors.
  • Working with Deer Industry NZ in Passion 2 Profit – aim to develop sustainable profitability in the industry.
  • Animal Health consultancy training.